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2020 prices held until November 30th!

I am also incredibly proud of our team both on and off the water who made visiting us as safe and enjoyable an experience as possible – from making sure that any information that was required for travel was streamlined to making it as easy as possible, and for anyone needing to be tested to have this arranged at no cost on site prior to departure. Naturally we were delighted that no one who visited us tested positive either!

I expect the season in Vassiliki will start as normal in the first week of May. If that’s too long for you to wait, Wildwind MAURITIUS is open now: tempting isn’t it? I’m going in January.!

I’m happy to announce that our prices are now live on the website. There’s a 5% increase versus 2020 – so only 5% in two years - but if you have already pencilled in a reservation or you make a booking before the end of November we will hold those 2020 prices for you.


As you might imagine with the unpredictable nature of the past two seasons it was very difficult for us to invest as we would normally do in new equipment as we simply didn’t know when or for how long we were going to be open.

So, we are putting that right for next year - we purchased 5 brand new Hobie 16 racing sails back in late August that are still in pristine condition and look magnificent in the bay in their stunning yellow and turquoise. Many of our boats are also being reconditioned, and with new sails there will be a fresh feel to the 2022 fleet to greet you.

As are most companies we are also looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. With air travel the only reasonable option for most of our guests to reach us from the north of Europe there is only so much we can do, but we do hope to be able to do our bit. More to follow on this. Meanwhile any useful suggestions would be most welcomed.

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