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Low flight prices plus extra discount - our special combination offer

Don't let high flight prices derail your summer plans

If you've been doing the research on your summer holiday, you probably noticed that flight prices are quite a bit higher than they used to be. The market has changed and not to the benefit of consumers! 

To us at Wildwind, it's very important that our holidays remain accessible to everyone. After all, we're the best dinghy and catamaran sailing holiday and Europe and to us, this should include providing excellent value at an accessible price point. 

Start your holiday on a weekday

Like many holidays, Wildwind runs by default from Saturday to Saturday. But precisely because most holidays  commence in the weekend, flights tend to be costlier than during the week. After we already experimented with more flexible dates in previous years, we decided to now allow our guests to arrive at every day of the week in order to benefit from more economical flight options as well as more flexible holiday durations.

But that's not all. To ensure the absolute lowest price point we can set for a true Wildwind experience, we have paired the lowest flight prices we found around the continent with temporary discounts in weeks where were still have sufficient availability. Finally, we are making an extra effort on these dates to combine as many people in the transfer taxis as possible and pass on the additional savings to you. Through these three mechanisms, we hope no one's summer plans will be derailed by high costs!

So... what's the catch?

To make this all possible, there are a few things you need to be aware of. While it probably won't be necessary, we might need you to switch rooms once during your stay with us or, in rare cases, twice. Also, flight prices can change quickly, so be aware that the below prices are just an indication that might not be the exact price at your time of booking. Obviously, the sooner your book, the better your chance of scooping up the best deal. Finally, to reduce costs by combining taxi rides, we require everyone who arrives on a weekday to be willing to wait between 15 and 80 minutes at Preveza airport for a shared taxi, so that we can pair up as many travellers as possible. But that's about it!

More choice in holiday duration: fancy a 10-day Wildwind holiday?

Since this offer requires us to be a bit more creative with our room allocation, we can simultaneously be a bit more flexible with holiday durations during these weeks. We’re sure that's good news for some of you, as we always get many requests from guests who'd liked to stay with us for 5, 18 but especially 10-day holidays that we weren't able to offer before. But, on the below mentioned start dates only, we can. The prices displayed are all based on 7-day holidays, so do give us a call if you'd like to know how the offer works out for the duration of your preference.

Some of the best prices we found

The below table shows you some of the lowest flight prices we have found and the discounts we offer on top of this. All example prices are for 7-day holidays, including accommodation, boat use, instruction and all the fun and banter that is part of a Wildwind sailing holiday!

From Vienna

Date Flight Holiday Discount Total
Saturday, 11 May 336 875 100 1111
Saturday, 01 Jun 98 965 150 913
Tuesday, 04 Jun 93 965 150 908
Saturday, 08 Jun 115 965 1080
Tuesday, 11 Jun 131 965 150 946
Saturday, 29 Jun 238 1210 150 1298
Tuesday, 02 Jul 207 1210 150 1267
Saturday, 06 Jul 211 1225 1436
Tuesday, 09 Jul 158 1225 1383
Saturday, 13 Jul 162 1325 1487
Tuesday, 16 Jul 172 1325 1497
Saturday, 20 Jul 139 1325 1464
Tuesday, 23 Jul 183 1325 1508
Saturday, 27 Jul 183 1325 1508
Tuesday, 30 Jul 205 1325 1530
Saturday, 03 Aug 168 1325 1493

From Munich (Germany)

Date Flight Holiday Discount Total
Thursday, 30 May 204 965 150 1019
Tuesday, 04 Jun 234 965 150 1049
Thursday, 06 Jun 214 965 1179
Tuesday, 11 Jun 254 965 150 1069
Tuesday, 02 Jul 164 1210 150 1224
Thursday, 04 Jul 154 1225 1379
Tuesday, 09 Jul 204 1225 1429
Thursday, 11 Jul 174 1325 1499
Saturday, 13 Jul 304 1325 1629
Tuesday, 16 Jul 154 1325 1479
Thursday, 18 Jul 184 1325 1509
Saturday, 20 Jul 334 1325 1659
Tuesday, 23 Jul 174 1325 1499
Thursday, 25 Jul 194 1325 1519
Saturday, 27 Jul 374 1325 1699

All flight prices are an indication as subject to change, and may or may not include luggage, depending on the airline. The additional discount is temporary and may be withdrawn at any time. 

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